Getting Started

Getting Started with Kierland CFO Services

Because every company we work with has its own unique problems, issues and needs, there is no pre-determined method we use when working with a new company. That said, depending on the services you require, there are some steps we usually follow.We are interested in establishing a long term partnership with you. In order for us to get acquainted, we propose a this process to get acquainted.

arizona-financialAssessment and analysis of your company

We usually start with a phone call in which we ask you questions aimed at understanding what you are seeking from a part-time CFO, what is and is not currently working well, and as much information as we can about your business. We will then give you an analysis of what we have found for your review. There is no cost for this initial consultation and report.

Implementation of company analyis

The most common next step is a project involving the implementation of the recommendations from the assessment created. We will confirm to you in writing the scope and cost of the work to be performed. We will work with you and your staff during this implementation to insure they stay focused on current operations while at the same time integrating the improvements we have all agreed upon.

Establishing that long-term relationship

Could your company benefit from the high-level skills of an experienced chief financial officer? Count on it. In an era of increasing government scrutiny, strategic funding imperatives and overall operational complexity, the role of the CFO has never been more critical to a company’s success.

However, your company may not be ready to hire a full-time CFO. Or perhaps your in-house team is fully engaged in daily operations when an opportunity arises, and you need an experienced executive to step in and manage that opportunity on a project basis.

That’s when you can turn to Kierland CFO Partners.

We can step into your company and immediately serve as your CFO. We can help your company with budgeting, financial forecasting, mergers and acquisition (M&A) activity, sales compensation planning, human resources, product profitability analysis, system implementations, and a wide variety of other financial and operational activities.

For more information, contact us at or call us today at 602-828-1146 to get started. We have personalized solutions to meet your business and financial services needs.


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